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1st Grade Art

Lines, Shapes, and Color

Identify and point out visual art and design elements and principles in their    own artworks and in those of others using art vocabulary.

Students painted shapes using primary and secondary colors and went back into each shape with white paint, adding patterns.

Spooky Space

Demonstrate beginning skill and craftsmanship in the use of art materials and tools.

Students used various geometric and organic shapes to create a haunted house collage.

Underwater Environments

Create an artwork based on observation of familiar objects and scenes.

Students studied the anatomy of a fish and watched a video of various fish in their environment. Then they created their own underwater environment.


Explore and use a range of subject matter to create original works of art.

After watching videos depicting life in the city, students compared and contrasted their environment with that of the city. Using cardboard strips, they printed the edge of the cardboard to create their own cityscape.


Textured Snowmen

Explain how personal interests and experiences are reflected in the subject matter of artworks.

Needles, yarn, burlap, and tempera paint were the ingredients used to make our textured snowmen.

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