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4th Grade Art

The Fourth Graders have been looking at examples of Op Art.  They are learning that lines can create illusions.  An example of an Op Artist is Victor Vasarely.  Check out the link below to view his artwork.

Haunted Houses in Two Point Perspective

Demonstrate technical skill through the integration of common
processes and topics from other subject areas.

Students looked at artwork to examine how artists use perspective in their artwork. They learned how to use a horizon line and vanishing points to create the illusion of depth in their drawings of a haunted house.

2-D/3-D Nonobjective Designs

Generate ideas and employ a variety of strategies to solve visual problems.

Center of interest, line movement, and counter-acting line movement are the elements of a successful composition. Students were asked to create a nonobjective design in metal and “tool” it to pop it out. Then they extended the design using markers and color!

Fall Still Life

Identify and name the sources for art making ideas (e.g., self, environment and other people).

Students observed and drew a Fall still life using oil pastels.

Stuffed Self-Portraits

Compare and contrast art forms, techniques and functions and artistic
styles from a variety of cultures and historical periods.

After learning about the proportions of the human face, students drew their self-portraits and transferred them to material. Eventually the portraits were cut out, sewn and stuffed to produce a “soft sculpture.”

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