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Kindergarten Art

Students in Kindergarten have started the 2014-15 school year by learning about the element of art, line.  The following link explores the elements of art, including line! 

Scratch Art/ Bird Collage
I Can...
Explore and experiment with a range of art materials and tools to create and communicate personal meaning.
    Name and point out subject matter and details observed in works of art.


Students tore, scratched, glued, and assembled birds!

Pattern, Pattern, Pattern!
I Can...
Recognize and point out basic elements of art in their own artworks and that of others.
 Students explored pattern by folding and painting on coffee filters. Afterwards, they created patterns by printing with cardboard around their coffee filter designs.

Winter Self-Portraits
I Can...
Explore my environment and experiences for art-making ideas.

 What’s a self-portrait?...What else...It’s a picture of you!
Students looked at famous self-portraits from art history and then painted pictures of themselves dressed in winter clothes!

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